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Respect the golf etiquette to resist bad habits

author:changyu   Date:2016-08-11

Integrity, self-discipline, for others sake, taking the opportunity of the core of the golf culture, from the Sixteenth Century Golf in the ancient origin of St Andrews, follow the sport together spread to global, and was the world golfers unanimous recognition and respect. Golf is an elegant gentleman's game, it pay attention to etiquette, also contains the respect, unassuming personality glamour and accomplishment, the construction of a discipline to comply with the rules, so as to safeguard the green field mutual security.

In recent years, the rapid development of China's golf, the golf tournament gradually settled in China, plus Golf officially returned to the Olympics, golf in China's influence gradually expanded, golf enthusiasts is also increasing. But behind the rapid development, there are also some worries.

Compared to some of the golf development mature countries, China's golfers in golf etiquette there are certain short, a small part of the lovers of golf etiquette and golf are lacking the sense of understanding, superficial will the definition for the rich movement, even in the course of play out this breach of etiquette habits, caused the words and deeds of the insult to people in the golf industry, serious is physical and mental have caused great harm.

Around the stadium a barrage of uncivilized phenomenon allow our consciousness to, as practitioners of golf, there is an urgent need to promote golf etiquette, its cultural heritage, let the majority of golfers to understand its essence, golf gentleman and spiritual pursuit is still golfers should be the pursuit of the ultimate goal.

Grand Shanghai Golf Club General Manager Association will now decided in the greater Shanghai area to unify the attitude to the majority of golfers initiative respect golf etiquette, the promotion of golf culture, for the majority of golfers to create a better, more harmonious environment to play.

Grand Shanghai golf club general manager of the association, the Shanghai and the surrounding area is a total of 33 golf club managers spontaneously formed association organizations, each three months to make a social meeting. At a recent meeting, the manager people launched extensive discussion, found that the court, ball in the daily operation of the process have more or less encountered some does not respect the etiquette, no respect for friends of the ball or do not respect the staff of people and events, affect the normal play of other golfers, also to the ball will camp brought difficulties.

July 2014, Grand Shanghai Golf Club General Manager Association will to all those who love the sport of golfers to launch the initiative, hope you respect for etiquette, for the sake of others, from the little things bit by bit start, pay attention to their words and deeds, respect for friends of the ball, respect caddie and the club staff, of golf uncivilized behavior, should have the courage to point out, and jointly resist. We hope that in the greater Shanghai area, for the ball to create a friendly, courteous, harmonious play environment. For a very small number of bad cases, the impact of a serious phenomenon of civilization, the club members of the club will be unified action, if necessary, do not rule out the joint boycott.

Do not learn the gift, no stand. The ball game is better than goods.

Let us enjoy the golf sport, jointly promote and popularize golf etiquette and culture, and strive to create a healthy environment for golf, for the development of China's golf industry to do their own strength.

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