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  • Golf in recent years, the most close to the people, to expand awareness of the number of simulated golf& 39;s extensive rise From the business point of view: indoor golf business investment is low, consumption threshold corresp
  • 2016-08-11Golf simulator
    Now the simulator generally can meet all kinds of swing; also can simulate all kinds of environment, all kinds of obstacles and climate Basically simulators can simulate the integrity of the golf game scene Better simulator w
  • In Australia, all local governments have put the development of a public indoor simulation of a golf course as part of a city garden and park, providing the public with an active facility So set up by the government funding
  • With the golf back to the 2016 Olympic Games will ignite our passion and golf in the domestic repairing outfit and venue rental prices gradually return to rational, its unique connotation of gentleman was also recognized by th
  • As is known to all, outdoor golf in addition to the stadium general settings far field, and affected by weather factors is very big, but the indoor golf simulation is unique advantages, in this era of almost nine to five ev
  • After visiting a number of indoor golf clubs, the author found that the indoor golf has begun to become a great place for all kinds of institutions to carry out business If we have generally recognized golf course is the ide
  • Now more and more people like the simulation of golf, because it is a good exercise to exercise the body, the simulation of golf on the waist and hip muscles is a certain benefit In the simulation of the golf swing to play
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