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Indoor golf simulation into a new area of business

author:changyu   Date:2016-08-11

After visiting a number of indoor golf clubs, the author found that the indoor golf has begun to become a great place for all kinds of institutions to carry out business.

If we have generally recognized golf course is the ideal place to carry out high-end market activities, then the good business characteristics of indoor golf has just been found. Some of the larger club type indoor golf market, marketing functions of both the characteristics of a more specific industry is commendable.

I noticed that some rooms of some indoor golf has been turned into some institutions VIP room and hung up the signature sign. These institutions have banking, securities, insurance, as the representative of the financial institutions, there are car sales and so on specific groups of people as the sales target of the industry.

The VIP room general decoration elegant, comfortable environment, a separate golf simulator screen face formed a miniature version, closed the golf business communication space. In terms of the environment it may than not golf course of the true nature, but he to love golf but eliminating the chariots Lawton, time-consuming hard to respond adequately to the modern people nervous, the limit of space and time. At the same time the closed environment is more conducive to close exchanges, to achieve a deal. And a considerable part of the indoor golf also provides catering, entertainment and play with the accompanying service options. So this explains why some organizations are willing to spend a large price to rent an indoor golf course in marketing and public relations activities.

In the long-term charter indoor golf customers. I ran across an enterprise boss the rooms do communication place for work, a remote management of the company, on the other hand to indoor golf client based expand the circle of communication, make it into the second president of the chamber, sports palace.

In addition to the organization, the boss to use their business, white-collar workers also began to look at golf, especially the business characteristics of indoor golf. I know a director of marketing alliance circle organization, a large number of daily work they spent in bars, discos. Though unwillingly is necessary, there is now indoor golf, both for the arrangement provides a new mode of communication, can communication and exercise the body, improve skills, why not. So white-collar business is also a new way.

In addition to the use of indoor golf customers to engage in business, indoor golf operators also for business traffic lights, adding fuel to the flames. In addition to the traditional food and beverage service, there are specific activities for the business to enter the room to create a golf conditions. The contents of such activities from golf, to financial recommendation, attracted a group of business people know golf at the same time, the play of people are accustomed to all kinds of business activities, so that the indoor golf a convenient place to business.

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