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Simulation of golf on the waist hip what are the benefits

author:changyu   Date:2016-08-11

Now more and more people like the simulation of golf, because it is a good exercise to exercise the body, the simulation of golf on the waist and hip muscles is a certain benefit.

In the simulation of the golf swing to play, particularly important position. First of all to activate your hip muscles, make a powerful attack on the kick-off, the most narrow fairway. In fact, in golf simulation and error posture will lead you to activate the muscle, make a quick swing, can not find right swing plane.

Most of the players to use the club in the simulated golf, always using the same stance. If the 1 wood than 6 iron 7 inches long if it is feasible. To make the right stance, the simplest way is to let your joint "stack". In other words, let your shoulders, hands and toes become a straight line. Using this line as your guide, will be able to find the right knee range, upper body leaning forward amplitude, ball and body distance.

Most people learn to play golf in the early, to teach is to keep the body stable during the swing. But if we restrict the hip rotation, then the arms can only is to move; or if the level of the direction of rotation of the hip, no lateral rotational motion, then arms can only be level around the body away. The same is true for the pole.

Research shows that the hip action in the golf swing is the function of many aspects. 3 modes of motion: hip expansion, lateral bending and rotation. Let's practice it in a simulated golf course:

Golf simulation attention hip extension: tennis in a quality of service action, must be need to stretch the hip to volatile raised his arms, do so in order to make raise the arms to generate power.

Note in golf simulation scoliosis crotch: skiing or skating, sprint phase reduces the center of gravity of the upper part of the body to reduce the height of the legs bear more pressure.

In the simulation of hip rotation: Baseball golf swing, rotation of the upper body, arms can quickly catch.

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