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Sports management system reform will deepen the high association as a breakthrou

author:changyu   Date:2016-08-11

Beijing on December 29, the national sports of the Secretary for the meeting on December 29, opening, Liu Peng, the Secretary of the State Sports General Administration in his speech referred to the State Sports General Administration will to sports management center and sports federations reform as a breakthrough point, deepen the reform of sports management system. China Golf Association, as one of the 10 Olympic Games Association, will be a breakthrough.

Liu Peng said at the meeting, said: "directly under the institutions of administrative, business, community, business four in one of the sports industry is the focus and key issues of deepening the reform of management system. General Administration of sport of Party organization of this problem were in-depth research, clear the overall consideration, the first pilot, classification advance, step by step implementation of the reform, the reform the top design, problem oriented, formulated the "to management center of sports events and sports association reform as a breakthrough point, deepen the reform of sports management system plan". "

According to Liu Peng introduction, the relevant program includes 6 aspects.

The first is to increase the Chinese Football Association as a single sports association comprehensive reform pilot efforts to develop the implementation of views as soon as possible. Second, in Chinese automobile sport federation and the China Motorcycle Sports Association Sports Federations comprehensive reform pilot, project center functions are delivered to the association to assume, the association in accordance with the operation of the mechanism of social organization. The third is in the dragon and Lion Dance Sports Association of China, China Bodybuilding Association, China Billiards Association of Single Sports Association tube do separation, the pilot reform of the operation mechanism of sports associations. During the pilot, who can make borne by the association's affairs to the association.

Four is 10 Olympic Association (Swimming Association, Ski Association, skating association, Curling Association, ice hockey association, Triathlon Association, Fencing Association, bicycle association, equestrian association, Golf Association), are single sports association function optimization reform. The main content is how to strengthen and expand Olympic Sports Association in the mass sports, sports and cultural function, mechanism, give full play to the role of these associations in terms of mass sports, sports culture development, expand the social influence. Five is two non Olympic Sports Association (Association of kite, pigeon association), with reference to the countries on the decoupling of the industry association and the executive, the Sports Association unhook reform pilot. 16 is the six non sports associations with the administrative organs, institutions of the decoupling.

Liu also said: "according to the reform pilot accumulate experience, according to the different types and ways to gradually fully open reform in national Single Sports Association, and the necessary adjustment and integration of the institutions, and finally establish the powerful supervision and management of government, market rational allocation of resources, social sports organizations booming modern sports system and efficient scientific sports management operation mechanism.

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