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Indoor golf is so popular.

author:changyu   Date:2016-08-11

The world's top golf simulator equipment to market in China. This means that China is definitely to be development of indoor golf, and development prospect is good. Here we have to analyze why indoor golf so popular.

Golf in international sports, the most adorable! It and the popularity of basketball, soccer players have differences, playing golf is slightly less than the rich fame! In foreign countries with the world's attention, the British Open, the United States open, the United States masters and the United States Professional Golf Association Championship golf tournament is the four major tournaments. These four events are brought together to participate in the global luxury company advertising, and other sports are more involved in sports Brand Company. Everyone is a dream in many Chinese toyed with golf and mass with alternative state of mind to do the label, playing golf equal to the rich. More and more people Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like., climbing rich, have joined the golf team. Golf transformed by the movement of the more commercial, many of the major business cooperation, are carried out on the golf course.

In order to themselves or the younger generation to be able to get into the ranks of the high-end crowd, more and more people began to learn golf began investing in golf. Starting in 2004, the state has issued nearly 10 of the ban on golf course construction. , while China's golf course is more than 60%, is the construction of the ban after the completion of the ordinance. So put up a pageantry crime against the wind, visible golf has such a huge demand. Early stadium, poor countries, much of the land is barren, the government it almost in form of free gift developers to increase local fiscal revenue, at that time the land was the best choice for the development of the stadium, despite the country does not support the construction of the stadium, but the local government to local economic development is also open one eye closed one eye to tolerate the golf course is built. Development to today's Golf heat market feedback is sustained growth, and in order to save land and water resources had to force the construction of the stadium. With Xi Jinping, general secretary of the corruption, many of the court was closed down. What is the product of a lot of golf industry chain group is also aware of the dangers and opportunities presence, new golf course hope almost shattered, the policy of the government is always there will suppress the corresponding support, golf will usher in a new round of rebound, especially it is the Olympic Games project, one of the game, so causing it to rise? Indoor golf!

Indoor golf, does not occupy the water, does not cover, but can match the golf course of similar movement, set a room can experience a variety of countries around the world a variety of form of golf course. Also the cost is low, the previous learning golf really need great economic strength, playing a thousands of pieces of money is just a flash in the pan, for the general staff is equivalent to a monthly salary is playing on a round of golf. Now the indoor golf game will be the consumption of it down to a very low, with 20 yuan as the foundation will be able to experience the fun of golf. The price is more close to the people, also let ordinary people try to catch up before exercise. So we all like it! Regardless of the Chinese people do business or life is about the network, through the indoor golf can be more love sports people closer to the distance, please drink as if people sweat. Before we gather together in addition to drinking or drinking, even if another venue, KTV, clubs, etc. finally had to drink, now don't drink and drive, drink driving directly revoke the license traffic law regulations, wine can not be casually drinks! So indoor golf has become a good choice. Will be more and more popular.

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