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The application advantage of golf simulator in indoor Club

author:changyu   Date:2016-08-11

Golf simulator is applied in the room, it has the advantage of the application of the following points:

1, the application of golf simulator in the teaching of a significant effect

Since golf simulator introduction of Dongguan City for a golf club, golf coach the golf simulator using to teaching is a good teaching effect, after coach teaches golf beginners basic golf technology students can quickly used golf simulator of self check, and can quickly Golf adjustment using data related to the simulator. The simulator can show path direction of the golf ball, ball speed, speed, from the hole distance data and is easy for a coach to action and technical guidance. To improve the skills, golf simulator of self calibration techniques to record student movement and with the standard golf swing carries on the contrast analysis, improve the golfer's rate of progress.

2, golf simulator reduces the cost of membership

Compared with the previous golf membership fee, course in general membership fee of nearly 10 million, which does not include fees, golf simulator has been applied, the cost of golf is greatly reduced, indoor golf membership prices between 2 to 6 00000, belonging to the form of stored value cards, stored value cards includes teaching, practice, competition and other expenses. From the input cost of golf, golf simulator reduces the cost of golf.

3, golf simulator operation is simple, to save human resources for the operation of the club

Normal golf course in addition to the grounds maintenance investment, but also has professional caddie to carry the ball with the management player while the ball caddy followed by service. Golf simulator has the advantages of simple operation, when the games or practice, only need to specialized personnel transferred to the corresponding game on the computer, training mode can be games or practice; at the same time the specialized personnel to strike, save human resources.

4, enrich the club player business communication mode

The role of golf is not only reflected in the leisure and entertainment, the application of golf simulator makes business casual place from the stadium to the interior, but also for the players to negotiate business provides a platform for exchange.

5, to provide security for the golf hand

After the curtain of the golf simulator has, with the same screen size of metal wire mesh, mainly is the flying in the face of the golf has buffer action and prevent the interference effects of electronic signal of radar. In the soft curtain on both sides of the block also has golf cushion the impact force, these facilities to ensure the safety of golf.

6, golf simulator application is not restricted by time and place

Players hit the ball more during the day, even if the night shot can only be carried out under the lights. Due to the influence of climate and environment, northeast area a year in nearly half of the time in a cold environment, people can not in the winter for outdoor golf, golf simulator minimum installation area only 3 m x 4 m x 7 m space, indoor installation, is not restricted by time, place. Using the golf simulator to solve the problem of outdoor golf in winter.

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