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How to study indoor golf ball rod

author:changyu   Date:2016-08-11

Study of indoor golf ball collecting knowledge as follows:

When you are in the indoor golf trying to by adjusting the swing and stance even grip movements to hit fly ball to draw and right cannot avoid facing some problems, such as poor stability. This time, the more you try to create a curve in the direction of the ball, the worse the performance, and you tend to make the ball to the opposite direction.

At this time, need to adjust the action in indoor golf rod. Open clubface will create the right fly ball or the right hook, rod surface closure will create left hook or Fei qiu.

If you want to be able to control the direction of the trajectory, you must be able to control the ball in the middle of the room. Exercise 1 wood finish swing, shaft and parallel to the ground, and is at the rear of the head. Wait for the master of this type of reduction action, with a slightly more open stance to hit a few balls, make same pars movement.

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